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In China, this bizarre Big Brother concept is fast becoming a reality. According to Chinese newspaper the Southern Metropolis Daily, the private information of many citizens can be freely purchased by strangers for just 700 yuan, or $101 USD. The newspaper conducted an investigation to reveal just how easily a random citizens private details could be conveniently purchased in the digital era. Using nothing more than his personal ID card number, the newspaper managed to find significant information about a colleague, right down to the apartments hed rented and the internet cafes he had visited. They could even pinpoint the colleagues exact location using his smartphone, and view detailed information about bank transactions, driving penalties and train journeys. In other words, every citizen can be Big Brother, provided they own a smartphone and are willing to pay a small fee. The data is available on hundreds of tracking services through Chinas internet sites. Getty Images In an analysis of the report for SupChina, David Bandurski, a researcher at the University of Hong Kongs China Media Project, said it is either being sold by the police and authorities, or outsiders who are hacking into national databases. The bizarre report comes as the Chinese government continues to develop its social credit system, in which it monitors each individual citizen and collates information about their day-to-day lives. The Communist Party of China hopes the ambitious plan will create a culture of sincerity, where citizens will be kept in line. The whole thing is designed to assess each individual persons trustworthiness in the eyes of the government, and your actions have the power to dramatically alter the rest of your life.