Understanding Reasonable Restaurants Plans

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“I’m not going to come up with these detailed, crazy recipes,” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum tells Us, “but I can bring my love of crafting to food.” Still, as a busy mom, Gellar found complicated recipes were pretty much a nonstarter. When she and her best friend, Galit Laibow, combed websites and grocery aisles looking for quick, simple mixes that they could turn into kid-friendly projects, they were appalled by the boxed options. “I didn’t recognize any of the words in the ingredients,” the entrepreneur recalled during a book launch event at the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen on April 3. “Or the number two ingredient was salt or dyes and all this stuff I knew in my head we’re not supposed to eat anymore.” The pair decided to develop their own “clean baking” line built on ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients (equal exchange and fair trade chocolate and cocoa, biodynamic sugar, and a multigenerational heirloom wheat flour). Now, about a year and a half after launching with three signature mixes (chocolate brownies, vanilla cupcakes, and sugar cookies), the line includes 10 kits and five mixes, plus a host of kitchen tools and other merchandise. “We call it quick-scratch baking,” explains Gellar. “We asked ourselves how we could take away the intimidation factor so all of our mixes require less than six steps.” Between launching the company and experimenting with her family at home, Gellar has become quite the self-taught pro, although she still defers to Prinze, 41, for the “really complicated” stuff. (“He’s a trained chef and went to culinary school!” she enthuses while telling Us about his “big, fancy dinners.”) But despite the differing skill levels, the couple relishes cooking in the L.A. home they bought three years ago, in part because of its abundant natural light. It makes your food look better, and it always makes you feel better, Gellar explains.