Do we have to be happy to love others ?

Image Do we have to be happy to love others ?

Current life is spiced up with haste and conflicts. Frustrated and stressed people often find themselves involved in disputes and arguments even over trifle matters. If we look at a crowded bus at rush hour in the evening, we realize that the traditional societal values have vanished from the society. Youths lack respect for the elderly, and the elderly are sometimes intolerant with the weaknesses of the youngsters.

In a nutshell, there is no more peace in the world. Such a sad situation made Prem Rawat, who is a peace ambassador in the quest of human good, say that "if we are searching for peace outside, we will never find the peace within". Do we have to be happy to love others? Read the article to solve this intriguing puzzle. Do you want to know more information about Prem Rawat ? Visit : 

Do we have to be happy to love others?

Happiness can trigger love for others

On the other hand, it can be said that happiness, if derived from mindfulness, refrains individuals from being mean or self-centered. Greed is the result of self-centeredness; but generosity emanates from self-actualization.

When happiness results from peace within, it triggers love for the others: 

  • Mindful people are empathetic, and are able to show compassion to others 
  • Happy individuals are able to lower their self-esteem and respect everyone 
  • With bliss, happy people hope that it is possible to improve other people's bad characteristics or behavioral conducts through education 
  • The feeling of happiness makes it possible to retain inner pride and become lenient despite our aggressors.

If people are happy, they don't always show love to others

To start with, it can be said that happiness does not necessarily lead to love for others. Some people can become happy because they have won a competition. Others feel joyful for gaining lots of money from the lottery. Despite their great contentment, they keep their feeling of satisfaction for themselves. And if they do share it, it would be mainly to their beloved spouses or child.

As a matter of fact, it is commonplace that if happiness derives from material wealth, it is often unlikely to be shared with the others. Such an attitude is called selfishness, or egocentrism. Material happiness causes people to become more self-seeking. Thus, it can be said that it is not necessary to be happy to love others.

Happy individuals are impartial in their love

It is obvious that despite their accumulated wealth, frustrated people cannot control their emotions and often show their bad temper to those whom they are not fond of. In other words, there is impartiality and unfairness in the way they treat the others. They often deceive anyone who belongs to their friend zone. In contrast, mindful happiness gives true love to everyone, and such love is given unconditionally; it is just and fair, without any hidden charges for those who receive it. In this context, it is definitely true that it is essential to be truly happy to love others.

Be happy and show love for humanity

Prem Rawat and his colleagues from the TPRF Foundation show their clemency towards humanity through their actions. It is heartening to read from their website that they want to build peace in prison and rehabilitate detainees. For this objective, they develop peace education applications for electronic tablets, which are to be distributed to inmates. And if you are among those who like doing good for humanity, you can join them in their effort and share your love to others too.