10 tips to make you a little happier every day

10 tips to make you a little happier every day

"Another day without laughter is a day wasted", said Charlie Chaplin. There is no doubt that laughter is associated to smile, another sign of peace. A peaceful mind can be happier. There are many steps or ways to be happy.

Those are 10 tips that you could apply every day to be a little happier

1. Start your day well

Actually, the day should begin with positive thoughts. Those directly attack the mind and that produces dopamine, the hormone of happiness. With positive thought, everyone can feel happier and bolder to deal with the day.

2. Get up earlier

It's recommended to get up before the sun rises. Through this habit, people can plan the day well and makes them more aware, more focused during the day. The air that you breathe is purer, because circulation is not heavy at this time

3. Meditate

Have you ever felt that after meditation, the mind and even the body feel relaxed? This is the result of relaxation done with respiration. Whether philosophical meditation as reading, writing and walking way, or focusing respiration, meditation is good to allow the body and mind to be relaxed. Fit body and mind can make you happier.

4. Take a reasonable nap

During the day, body and mind use up a lot of energy: speaking, walking, running, doing different activities. However, to have the high potential of energy, it's important to take a little nap every day. In fact, maybe it could be impossible sometimes but it's really useful. Nevertheless, it's recommended to take a nap between 10 to 30 minutes, not more.

5. Read every day

Reading is the most exciting activity for the mind. It can relax and prevent mind failures such as Alzheimer, for example. Reading boosts creativity, confirms maturity and stimulates the mind easily. The most important books to read is personal development that can instill self-esteem.

6. Listen to music

As books affect mind, listening to music makes happier because it directly affects the hypothalamus which liberates the hormone of happiness. A lot of happiness leads to peace. Prem Rawat, a messenger of peace, has recommended to be in peace first and then get things that make you comfortable later.

7. Never stop learning

Whether it's in formal or informal, there are many things that could be mastered or even just studied. It's not about taking lessons in school or magisterial courses, but learn with or from others. It stimulates the brain and makes you happier.

8. Practice exercise

By this way, you can forget for a while the disorder or the burden of the mind due to responsibilities.

9. Do one thing good to others every day

Happiness can be spread by giving other this happiness. The more you are extravert to express your feelings or do something good to others, the happier you become. The example for Prem Rawat illustrates that. After he was known for his ability to spread peace, he has never stopped doing something good to others.

10. Be more involved in community

Take the responsibility to get more concerned about community issues. By this way, the community is pleased and at the same time you do something you benefit from. No one is doomed to live a stressful or unhappy life. You want to be happier every day? What you can do right now is following these tips.