Does helping others solve their problems make us happier?

Help and happiness
Does helping others solve their problems make us happier?

The old saying goes, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." In fact, this proverb shows a vision of life from another angle, which supports that it is essential that we help the others in order to lessen their burdens.

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat maintains, "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you." This implies that true happiness does not come from the outside world, but you can find it in yourself.

Does helping others solve their problems make us happier?

Helping others gives meaning to your life

If you do not take care of the others, it removes your role in their life. In other words, you won't be able to bring your support or your share in their development. Thus, your presence will not bring joy for them, and your absence will not matter either. In contrast, by helping the others, you can prove the essence of your life.

Participating in the lives of other people shows that there is a purpose in your life. God created us to help and support each other. He created the poor for us to learn compassion and commitment. He used them in our life to help us develop spiritually and become a fulfilled human being. Thus, by solving other people's problems, you can get ahead and find bliss in your heart.

Helping the others means commitment for humanity

If you help other people solve their problems, it means that you are committed to humanity. There are several ways to show your effort to do good to human kind: 

  • If you give alms to the poor, you can help solve their problem of nutrition. Many of them hardly eat once a day because of misery; and nutritious food is never a part of their diet.
  • By giving some of your clothes or some blankets to the poor or to the orphans, you can help them survive the freezing cold winter nights and prevent them from going naked.
  • By contributing to the medical cost of needy patients through a humanitarian organization, you will lessen their burdens and make them feel happier, apart from saving their lives.
  • By visiting inmates in prison and giving them some food, you can save them from starvation; your act will touch their heart and make them become better persons. In some detention centers, prisoners only eat dried cassava soup once a day, especially if they do not have any relative to bring them some food.
  • By praying for those who are oppressed, you will help relieve their pain and may help set them free. By praying for those who still indulge in criminal acts, you will help them to be delivered from their iniquities and misconduct.

Helping the other is make us happier

In brief, giving your support to the others ensures their survival; besides, it makes you a fulfilled individual. It enables you to feel peace within and to be at peace with the others. That is the reason why the peace mediator, Prem Rawat, set up the TPRF Foundation, which was named after him, to do good to humanity.

There is still a lot to do and it is crucial to seize every opportunity to promote your spiritual development. If you are seeking for the truth, lasting happiness, engage yourself in humanitarian activities.